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Bholaa Movie Trailer Review:

The trailer opens with a confrontation between Ajay and Tabu's characters as she assigns him a job against his will. As he tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter, he becomes increasingly embroiled in a criminal underworld. With a lot packed into its 2.5-minute runtime, the trailer takes time to unravel the action and drama. However, the action sequences are impressive, particularly when Tabu unleashes her punches. Deepak Dobriyal's portrayal of the ruthless drug lord is chilling. The trailer also features the iconic song "Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai" from the film Guide, with an eerie tune that adds to the overall intrigue.


Bholaa Movie Review:

The story of Bholaa, a remake of the Tamil hit Kaithi, centers on an ex-convict who reluctantly agrees to help IPS Diana Joseph (played by Tabu) during a crisis in exchange for her assistance in reuniting with his daughter, who is in an orphanage. He becomes embroiled in a conflict between the police and a drug cartel, and the rest of the movie follows his efforts to fend off dangerous enemies and be reunited with his child.

While the core plot remains faithful to Kaithi, the execution in Bholaa differs. Lokesh Kanagaraj, the director of Kaithi, took his time establishing the world and crafting realistic action scenes. In contrast, Ajay Devgn treats Bholaa as a star vehicle, building an aura around the lead character in each scene and creating many moments that are meant to elicit cheers. The action scenes are grand and stylish, and the decision to cast Tabu in a role originally played by Narain alters the dynamic in a smart way.

Bholaa opens with an intense chase sequence that introduces us to Diana and establishes her as a fearless law enforcer who won't back down despite being injured. The focus then shifts to Ajay Devgn's character, who is depicted as unafraid and stoic through a series of unsettling dialogues.



Why Bholaa movie 2023 worthy to watch?

Ajay Devgn's latest movie features some impressively choreographed action sequences that are bound to leave viewers with a sense of exhilaration. Throughout the film, Devgn's character undergoes a number of transformations that stand out in the overall narrative. Be sure to watch for the Trishul combat scene and the pre-interval block, as they are among the film's major highlights.

In addition to these standout moments, the movie features a prolonged six-minute bike chase that will keep you on the edge of your seat and serve as a testament to Devgn's directorial skills in executing a sleek action scene with great confidence. Meanwhile, Tabu's entry scene is also well-crafted.

The first half of the film is well-paced, but there are some moments in the second half that feel like a bit of a slog, given the movie's relatively modest runtime. Although the story is easy to follow, it is also somewhat predictable. Devgn shines as a director and maintains control over the subject matter, though the screenplay could have been stronger. The comedic portions of the film are decent.


Why Bholaa 2023 is not worthy?

The second half of the film loses its momentum, and the action sequences are the only saving grace for a screenplay that is somewhat underwhelming. The flashback scenes feel rushed and fail to add much depth to the overall story. While the movie introduces a new storyline compared to the original Tamil version, the lackluster presentation makes it difficult to establish a strong emotional connection, which is critical for a film of this type. As a result, it's challenging to root for the character of Bholaa on his journey, and the daughter's emotions don't resonate as strongly as they should.

The dialogues lack the necessary impact for a mass-oriented film like Bholaa. Improving the dialogues would have significantly enhanced the movie's impact. While the film is marketed as a 3D experience, the visual effects are minimal and not significant enough to warrant watching it in 3D format. Additionally, the close-up shots of the actors are not visually appealing, particularly in 3D. The climax action also leaves room for improvement.



The plot of Bholaa involves IPS officer Diana (played by Tabu) seizing a truck containing a staggering Rs 1000 crore worth of cocaine that belongs to drug lord Ashwathama (played by Deepak Dobriyal). A chain of events leads to a prisoner named Bholaa (played by Ajay Devgn) being drawn into the fray between the police force and the criminals. In exchange for assistance from the police in securing the safety of his daughter, Bholaa takes it upon himself to protect the officers from the vengeful drug lord. Will he be successful in his mission? To find out, you'll need to watch Bholaa, which promises to deliver plenty of action, drama, and suspense.


Audience rating summary:

  •  Rating: 4.5/5

Audience bholaa Movie Review:



Rating: 5/5

Ajay Devgan an RRR actor proved not less than a pan India director with this movie.

Great action, excellent screen plays and apt BGS make this film a must watch on the big screen.

Tabu gifted artist of Indian cinema acted superbly.  Amala Paul done well in her role.

Character artists Sanjay Mishra, Makarand Deshpande, others

done justice to their roles.

Deepak Dobriyal rocked in this movie.

It's an improvised and superb version of Tamil movie Khaithi.


Narinder Gangana Advocate Sonipat wrote:

Excellent Film, action is strength of this movie and emotions is soul.

Ajay Devgan is an action star and Nailed It Be it Acting or Direction!! Tabu was superb actresses.

Deepak Dobriyal is an excellent  actor, his performance is to watch out for..

This movie ii not Remake Just pated from Kaithi

There are changes in this movie so move on.

Must watch a film.

Bhola is a blockbuster film.

Rating: 4.5/5


Prasanjit Sahoo wrote:

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Rating: 1/5


Rohit Kumar wrote:

*Bhola is blockbuster film*

Rating: 4.5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟. 💫

# Excellent Film!!

# Exceptional Action Sequences.

Ajay Devgan is an action star!!

Tabu was superb actresses.!!

*There are some whistle moments when people are really enjoying. Bike moment and temple fight moment there are many scenes in this movie overall the movie is worth watching.*

!! Must watch film!!

Part 2 will also be suspenseful.....


Sandeep Vora wrote:


Exceptional action sequences: background score levelling improvised during dialogue delivery from all the actors. Ajay Devgan during his action chase bike sequence performance is the whistling moments of the movie.... Ajay Devgan has once again carried away the entire attention from the audience. Show stopper is none other than Deepak Dobriyal in grey shades. Tabu would have been granted some more screen presence. Scores a ton in each scene, against his favorite Co-star Ajay Devgan. WORTH ONE time watch WITH FAMILY...


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