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Pathan 2023 movie review

Pathan is a Bollywood movie based on the events that happened in Peshawar during the start of 2018. The movie depicts the story of a police officer, Virendra Pathan, who works for the Indian intelligence agency RAW. Virendra fights against terrorism and has to sacrifice everything to take down the dreaded terror group ISIS.

The movie's plot is based on the real-life 2018 Peshawar school massacre. On 8 March 2018, terrorists threw hand grenades inside Pakistan's National School Number 76, resulting in the death of 132 students and teachers. The same day, terrorists also targeted a school bus and killed 37 people. The two attacks left a total of 141 dead and over 500 injured. In this dire situation, Virendra became the first Indian agent to enter Pakhran. He single-handedly took down the terror organization ISIS, saving countless lives in Peshawar and across Pakistan.

The film received mixed reviews from moviegoers. Critics praised the direction and message of this Bollywood film, but felt that the acting was poor and that some scenes were unrealistic. Moviegoers agreed that the acting was poor but felt that it was intentional since it portrayed the horrors of war accurately. They also stated that they were proud of seeing such an accurate depiction of a terrorist attack on Indian soil. However, they did note that some scenes were too violent and dark for general audiences.

Pathan garnered positive reactions from Bollywood fans who praised its accurate depictions of past and current events in Pakistan. However, reviewers noted that some scenes were too dark for general audiences to sit through without getting emotional. No doubt fans will agree or disagree with some of these takeaways when they see the movie!


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